1. Massive House Fire Caught on Video
  2. Barber Battle
  3. 51 Year Old Man is Dead, 2 Others Rescued After a Boat Sinks in Copano Bay
  4. Military Matters: Heroes on the Water
  5. Beating the Heat While Still Having Fun Outdoors
  6. Bicyclist Able to Walk Away After Being Hit by Car
  7. Jury Selection Delayed in Case Against Local Auto Repair Businessman Accused of Sexual Assault
  8. City Set to Approve Street Repairs and Sale of City Parks For November Elections
  9. Congressman Farenthold Speaks Out about Possible President Impeachment
  10. Back to School Costs
  11. Water Restriction Grace Period Ends, Fines Begin on Monday
  12. Superhero turned Villain Robs Local Convenience Store
  13. 55 Years and Going Strong
  14. Contestants Flex their Muscles for a Battle on the Bay
  15. Check With Your Doctor Before Leaving The Country

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