Major Fish Tank Disaster at Texas State Aquarium

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3News confirmed Wednesday morning that all of the animals inside of the Islands of Steel exhibit tank at the Texas State Aquarium, with the exception of two, are dead.

Aquarium representatives said they were trying to treat a parasite that they had detected in the tank. When they added medicine to the water, they believe it may have caused a bad reaction in the animals.

The treatment they used is commonly used at other Aquariums, and was tested beforehand in a smaller thank with no adverse reactions.

Late Tuesday night, workers noticed that the fish were dying. More workers were called in to try and save the animals in that exhibit, but most could not be saved.

Aquarium representatives said that the incident affected the Islands of Steel, Flower Gardens and Lionfish exhibits. They are sending the water to be tested to find out what it is that killed the fish.

Admission to the Aquarium is $5 off for adults and $3 off for children.
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