Shooting at Local Nightclub, Four Injured

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A shooting at a nightclub on Baldwin Blvd near Lamar left four people injured, 3 in the hospital.  

This all stemming from a shooting at the nightclub around 2 AM last night. 

Police say as a group of men were leaving the club, a fight broke out and the suspect, identified as 22-year-old Jorge Hernandez pulled out a handgun. 

At that point four people were shot in the leg and transported to the hospital, while another victim was treated at the scene and word on his specific injuries. 

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Police say this is not gang related, but it does appear the shooter and victims know each other. 

"All the people involved were all in their 20s males and it just seems they had prior history possibly over a girl," said CCPD Captain Robert Alvarado. 

Police did arrest Hernandez at the scene on four counts of aggravated assault and he's now at the city detention center. 

As for the victims in the hospital police say they are in stable condition and their injuries are non-life threatening. 

Briana Whitney was live at the scene with the latest developments.