Kiii offers a number of ways to advertise and reach your customers:

1-Television advertising

· Traditional commercials (varying lengths)

· Sponsorships (sponsor name and/or commercials)

· Promotions (sponsor name and/or commercials)

2-Web site advertising

· Banner ads (eight positions in different categories available)

· :08 second pre-roll (prior to news stories)

3-YouNews Advertising

· Sponsor banner ad

· :08 second pre-roll (prior to video submissions)


Potential customers perceive television to be the most "influential," "authoritative," "exciting," and "persuasive" advertising medium.

Television is the most persuasive of all media. It offers sight, sound, motion, emotion and color. Because of this unique blend of benefits, television has an unparalleled ability to demonstrate services, their use and features. TV's unique selling advantage offers more to the local advertiser than any other advertising medium

Television reaches a larger demographic audience than any other major medium. These are potential customers no matter what products or services a business is selling. Twenty-percent of families will move this year. Some people will become married. The market is in constant change – new homes, new jobs, and new incomes.

Television Advertising is tremendously helpful in directing newly located families to the product and services they need, and helps put you ahead of your competition. You've got to advertise to get your share of business or lose it to the stores that do. If you cut back on your advertising, you may forfeit new prospective customers to your competition.

Retailers know that bringing in traffic is the first step not only to making sales, but also to selling additional merchandise. A survey showed that for every 100 merchandise items, which shoppers plan to buy, they make 30 unanticipated purchases. Potential customers perceive television to be the most "influential," "authoritative," "exciting," and "persuasive" advertising medium.

And, most important to advertisers, television is the medium where consumers are most likely to learn about products that they are interested in buying.

Advertising to individuals who what to know what is happening as it happens. Stories viewed as they develop. Web sites are able to reach customers at work or at home. Web sites allow you to link to your home page or company' web site.

User participation is the hottest and fastest growing segment on web sites. Users are able to submit their own pictures and videos they have taken.

· Run :08 mini commercials before videos.

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