Sean was born and raised in Piscataway, New Jersey, where he developed a strong passion for weather at a very early age. He was able to gain a tremendous amount of experience in forecasting the volatile weather conditions that New Jersey had to offer.

Sean graduated from Rutgers University in New Jersey with a Bachelors degree in meteorology. While maintaining his studies at school, he also interned at News 12 New Jersey. In addition, Sean took part in the American Meteorological Society Board for Private Sector Meteorologists Mentorship Program where he was fortunate enough to be coached by a meteorologist mentor at WeatherWorks LLC. It was here where he was able to continuously work on improving his forecasting skills as well as improving his voice for broadcasting. In addition, Sean worked at Rutgers' local radio station as well as their television station where he gained valuable on-camera experience as well as experience in producing.

Sean is a devoted volleyball player who spent his time playing indoor volleyball from high school through college. He also plays beach volleyball and is constantly looking for any competitors to take him on. Sean also spent many years as a volleyball coach.

Sean is an advanced mountain skier who enjoys other winter sports such as ice skating. He is thrilled to take a break from winter sports and take up more summer sports here in Corpus Christi, TX.