DALLAS -- When Lockhart Smokehouse's water meter was stolen this week, it seemed clear the Bishop Arts restaurant would be in the dark for the day, and all food that had been cooked would go to waste.

But instead, the restaurant got creative and came up with a plan: Donate meat to the homeless.

The restaurant posted a picture on social media with the caption, "In the making lemonade side of things, we fed about 700 people with the help of The Stewpot and The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center."

"Today our clients were greeted not only by smiling volunteers and a warm plate, but also the aroma of true BBQ. Thank you, Lockhart Smokehouse, for your generosity and kindness as well as your support of our food recovery initiatives," The Stewpot wrote on Lockhart's Facebook post.

"Thank you SO MUCH for your generosity! Definitely a treat for our guests," The Bridge wrote.

The restaurant said its water service was restored and it re-opened for business Thursday evening.