You're already getting pinched for just about everything at the airport, from the bags you check at the counter to the comfy seat with the extra leg room.

But consumers can fight back and nab big savings.

Ben Mutzabaugh, a travel expert with USA Today, has seen the deals firsthand.

Airfares fluctuate considerably and purchasing cheaper tickets is an inexact science, according to Mutzabaugh. Airfare prices depend, in part, on where you fly, when you're traveling and how you purchase the ticket.

He says Tuesday tends to be the best day to buy a ticket statistically.

"Airfares change on the dime all week long," he says. "Friday might have the average highest fare and Sunday or Tuesday might have the average lowest fare. If a fare sale comes out on a Wednesday and you're not looking, you're going to miss it."

Online travel sites like,, or provide some of the best deals and insight on upcoming airline deals. Also, try to get your ticket as early as you can. Usually, 60 days prior to your travel date works best on domestic flights.

"Two months is the window you really want to be looking but considering this fare looks pretty good maybe I should lock it in now and bet it's going to go up down the road," said Mutzbaugh.