Power companies are trying to get the lights back on for thousands in the Midwest and the East Coast, and some local electric company workers are now part of that effort.

Last week's fierce storms knocked out power from Michigan to Virginia, and now nearly a hundred employees with American Electric Power Texas are doing what they can to help.

One local crew that's now working in the town of Findlay, Ohio, has been working 16-hour days in the blistering heat to help restore power.

"If you drive back into the neighborhood, you will see huge trees toppled, roots out of the ground," AEP Texas employee Bernard Ross said. "It's my understanding that a couple of contractors not associated with AEP Texas were overcome by the heat. It's a difficult situation out there, and we have to be real careful for our safety to stay hydrated."

The crews hope to return back to the Coastal Bend by the end of this weekend.