A swarm of bees went on the attack in Portland, killing two dogs. Of course, the owners are upset, and afraid another attack will happen again.

All indications are that these were Africanized Honey Bees, also sometimes called Killer Bees, which are more aggressive.

The owners of the dogs that were killed in the attack Thursday night live right nextdoor to each other. One of those owners tried to rescue his dog when what he described as a cloud of bees came chasing after him.

"They just came after me," said Nick Mitchell, who lost his dog in the attack. "It was like a wall of them just hit me. I dropped my keys on the porch and ran through my house, and they were all over me. I was running probably about three or four houses down before they finally stopped."

Mitchell called the fire department, and they were able to get to his dog, but by then it was too late.

"This is where she was found during the attack, right at the end of that cord," Mitchell said. "And if you look around the corner, you'll find where they're nesting now. I think maybe they're trying to make a home now, in the back of my garage."

The bee attack happened on North Cliff Drive in Portland. Mitchell was stung in places like his arm and above his eye. His dog Sadie, which he had for three years, was attacked by the swarm and couldn't run away because her leash was tied around a tree.

Mitchell said the fact that he couldn't save his dog just adds to the painful loss of his pet.

Sadie wasn't the only dog that died. Mitchell's nextdoor neighbor, Sylvia Gonzalez, also lost her pet, named Rocko.

"When I was going to give him dinner is when I saw that he was trapped in the shed, and he probably went in there for protection," Gonzalez said. "They probably killed him in there, but I don't normally have problems with bees."

Gonzalez has five other dogs and two young nieces, and now she is afraid that the swarm of bees could attack them in the future.

Firefighters did respond Thursday night during the attack, and sprayed as many bees as they could, but beyond that, there is not much that can be done. Police Chief Randy Wright said that when there is a bee hive on private property, it's typically the property owner's responsibility to take care of it. The Chief also said that they are sorry that this happened, and that the dogs died.