An Alice homeowner lost all of her possessions when the woman she was renting her home to allegedly sold her belongings.

The property owner said she greatly regrets not conducting a background check beforehand.

Trying her best to fight back tears, Linda Manka showed her home on the 1900 block of Olmos on Monday. She rented it out to a woman that she said took her to the cleaners, taking all of the possessions she had amassed in her lifetime and giving them away and selling them to others.

Manka estimates she had some $100,000 worth of items in total that are now all gone. In addition to allegedly taking all of her things and getting rid of them, Manka said the woman she rented her house to defaced the home, painting the walls in all sorts of different colors.

Now, Manka has lost everything, and has a message for the public.

"If you have your property and you rent it out, make sure that you get a good lease agreement," Manka said. "Take pictures of everything that you own, and don't let this happen to you. It's been a nightmare for me."

Manka said she decided to rent the home to pay for her son's medical bills, after he was involved in a horrible accident last year. She said she was an easy target, and was taken advantage of, and that she lost 52 years of her life in less than 60 days.

The woman Manka said she rented her home to, Christy Koenning, is from Burnet County. The Sheriff's Office there said, according to their records, Koenning has a bunch of traffic-related misdemeanors on the books.

The Alice Police Department said they are investigating the incident, and have asked Manka to provide a list of all the items that are missing.

If you know of the whereabouts of any of her possessions, you can contact Manka at 361-701-8533.