Alice police arrested a man Wednesday, who they say is responsible for several burglaries in that community.

Police said 20-year old Edmon Hawks has burglarized everything from churches to businesses, and even a school in the community. He was arrested on four prior charges of burglary, and an additional four charges of burglary that were added on Wednesday.

It isn't the first time Alice police have dealt with Hawks. He was arrested back in 2010 for burglarizing several businesses.

"The criminal justice system releases them to the same communities, and they commit the same crimes," Alice Police Chief Daniel J. Bueno said. "It is unfortunate for our victims and businesses that have to, you know, repair the damages that are made and of course to try to recover at least half of the items that have not been pawned or sold somewhere else."

A $60,000 bond was set for the felony warrants issued on Wednesday. A $30,000 bond was set for the other additional warrants.

Footage of the perp walk was provided by Alice Echo News.