Alice police are investigating two armed robberies that happened Tuesday night on the same street within 45 minutes of each other.

Both crimes took place at convenience stores. The robber is still on the loose.

3 News reporter Mike DaSilva spoke with one of the cashiers who was robbed at gunpoint.

The cashier is a mother and says when the suspect was pointing the gun at her, all she could think about was her kids.

Surveillance video shows the aggravated armed robbery that happened at the Primos convenience store on the 700 block of N. Johnson Street in Alice around 10:15 p.m. The cashier, Noelia Canales, was mopping when the suspect, covered in all black from head to toe, enters the store, finds the cashier, points a gun at her and tells her to get to the register and give him the cash.

Canales says she did everything the suspect told her to do. The suspect is taking between $400-$500 from the store.

Noelia Canales, cashier at Primos Convenience Store, says,"The most fear I had was when he walked around the counter and I said he's gonna shoot you know, so I just ducked and, I just did the best I could to keep myself safe and whatever, but he was scary."

The other store that was robbed some 45 minutes earlier was the L.C. Drive Thru on the 100 block of N. Johnson Street. Police say the suspect had several tattoos on both arms.

The suspect in this robbery demanded money from the clerks while holding a knife. Police say both robberies are likely related due to the location and time of each robbery.

If you have any information about these robberies, call CrimeStoppers at 361-664-7867.