Alice City Manager Ray De Los Santos will be in the spotlight Thursday evening as he goes under a formal review by the Alice City Council.

The review was sparked by one council member, Frank Hinojosa, who also suggested that the council consider firing De Los Santos. Now there is word that a recall petition has been started against Hinojosa himself.

"Any attempts right now by Mr. Hinojosa to place this on the agenda is a vendetta and politically motivated, in my opinion," Attorney Zenaida Sanchez said. "And it stands in the way of progress."

Sanchez was the county commissioner for 16 years and has worked closely with De Los Santos. She believes he has been a great city manager. She says that putting him in the spotlight now is a waste of time.

According to Sanchez, in Alice only 10 signatures are needed to prompt a recall election, and a total of 15 residents signed a petition to remove Hinojosa. Sanchez turned the petition in to the county clerk Thursday morning, and the clerk will now verify the signatures.

The petition will then be presented to City Council, and they will call for a recall election. Then, it will be up to the voters to decide whether or not Hinojosa stays or gets the boot.

"We all serve at the pleasure of the voters, and in my opinion, he needs to listen to those who elected him," Sanchez said. "That's the key."

3News has tried contacting Hinojosa about this matter, but he has yet to respond.

In the meantime, at Thursday night's City Council meeting, Sanchez and other Alice residents hope that they get answers and find out why Alice's city manager is being put under scrutiny. They hope that these issues are discussed during the open meeting and not during executive session.