A woman in Alice has turned herself in to authorities after reportedly confessing to stealing several thousand dollars.

That money was supposed to go to registration fees for young kids wanting to play soccer in Alice, but the money disappeared, and now police say they know where the money went.

The Alice Youth Soccer Association had to cancel its season because police said a woman in charge of collecting registration fees stole the money. They have charged 30-year old Matilde Guerrero with theft.

Police said Guerrero was the team's coordinator, and stole between $7,000-10,000 in fees.

So far, some 46 parents have filed reports with police, saying the money they paid was not used for its intended purpose, which was for their kids to play in the soccer league.

Alice Police Chief Daniel Bueno said the soccer fields, which are usually filled with people, are now empty as a result. He added that Guerrero may be forced to give parents their money back.

"We need to let the community know that," Bueno said. "Don't feel that you lost this money. 'It's over now. It was only $50 dollars. It was only $1,000.' Because I've had some cases like that. The fact is that you're a victim, and we will take action."

Guerrero has posted bond of $15,000.

Alice police are asking that any victims in this case to please come forward.