The City's Animal Control officials are getting the word out about what some say is misinformation regarding the disease Maurine typhus.

Ever since the City stopped collecting and killing opossums in residents' private traps, some have said they are letting the animals that carry typhus run loose.

However, after City-County Health Authority Dr. William Burgin appeared on 3News at 5 p.m. Monday, explaining that typhus is not a public health threat, Commander Todd Green of the Corpus Christi Police Department echoed Burgin's comments.

Green supervises Animal Control, and said that the disease is carried by fleas and ticks on any wild animal.

"Treat your pets. Treat your yard. Do whatever you can to discourage stray animals from coming into your yard," Green said. "Don't encourage them and bait them to come into your yard."

Green said that some have been misinformed that opossums alone are responsible for carrying the disease. He added that ammonia soaked rags placed in and around the shrubbery near your home can help keep opossums and other wild animals away.