On Friday, Animal Control officials put into perspective just how overwhelmed they are with the city's stray animal problem, and how people can help.

The story of a littler of puppies that were picked up Wednesday and then euthanized by Animal Control caused a firestorm on Facebook.

Despite the comments on Facebook suggesting that Animal Control is heartless and evil, Commander Todd Green of the Corpus Christi Police Department, who oversees the Animal Control department, said they have to make difficult decisions like this everyday.

"These people care about animals, but they live in the real world," Green said. "They realize the amount of animals that we have running around. They can't all be saved. Not at this point. Not until we get more responsible pet owners in the public."

Green said that the night a littler of pups were picked up and then euthanized, there were only two officers working. Their dilemma was a choice between stopping to help the puppies, who needed 24-hour care, or responding to the stack of 20-30 pending calls throughout the city.

It is not an easy decision. Last year, Animal Control brought in close to 10,000 stray dogs and cats. They have increased the number of adoptions, but sadly, they can only keep so many animals at their facility.

"We pick up a lot of animals. There's still a lot out there," Green said. "They breed so quickly and reproduce that we could be out there everyday picking them up over and over again, and that's not an answer, constantly having to euthanize animals."

Green said that, despite hundreds of comments on the 3News Facebook page, from people who say they would have taken care of the pups, not a single person has called Animal Control to volunteer to become a foster family.

So for an application to become a foster family, you can call Animal Control at 361-826-4630 or visit the website, www.ccpaac.org.

Green said the only solution to the stray animal problem is for pet owners to spay or neuter their pets. He said Animal Control does offer a low-cost spay and neuter program.