In the video posted on, Hillary Adams, who is now either 22-23 years old, says her father is not fit to be anywhere near the law system if he can't exercise fit judgment as a parent himself. The judge's daughter also pleads with voters 'not to allow this man to ever be re-elected again.'

Wednesday 3News Reporter Mike DaSilva went to the Aransas County Courthouse where Judge Adams works. The Aransas County Courthouse is where defendants have to face Judge William Adams, but on this day when Judge Adams had to face the public and the media to answer questions about his behavior. He was not there.

Upon arrival we saw signs on the front doors of the Courthouse, reading that "Jury for County Court At Law Judge William Adams for today and tomorrow has been canceled." Then we knocked on his office door, but it was closed and locked and no one answered. Down the hall, the secretary for the Aransas County Judge who works with Judge Adams says the courthouse has been inundated with angry calls, even death threats.

"Lots of emails, many of them very threatening so. It's not been a pleasant experience...but we're just handling as best we can right now," says Linda Garcia who works for Aransas County Judge C. H. Mills Jr.

We also went by Judge Adams home on North Magnolia Street. Neighbors told us he had been by 40 minutes earlier, sometime before noon. Neighbors told us Adams and his girlfriend gathered some items; including bags, hanging clothes, a briefcase, laptop and 6 to 8 gun cases.

"His younger daughter and my youngest daughter play together when she's here. She visits her dad, but never really any indication that stuff like that was going on you know so, we're just all kind of in shock, and disgusted and disappointed and just kinda wonder where his decision making skills come from," says one neighbor who wants to go by the name Stephanie.

By the way, "Stephanie's" daughter is 11 years old, and Judge Adams younger daughter is also 11. "Stephanie" says she's not going to let her daughter play over at Judge Adams house anymore. And that the video has her questioning what that younger daughter may have seen, or gone through.

According to CNN, Judge Adams will seek a replacement judge to handle his caseload until the matter is investigated.