An Aransas County man was charged with deadly conduct after allegedly firing off his gun due to frustration over his neighbor's dogs.

Jerry Hamilton, 63, was arrested Monday morning at his home on Armstrong Road near Aransas Pass. According to his wife, Hamilton had enough with his neighbor's three Labradors, claiming that the dogs are out of control. One neighbor said that the dogs have killed pigs, goats and geese in the neighborhood, and they are a problem.

Just a few days ago, Hamilton reportedly shot one of the labs.

"One day, the dogs got onto our property and the three of them killed one of our cats, right in front of my eyes, and we couldn't shoot it fast enough," said Lynne Northup, Hamilton's wife. "Shot the face off of one of them, and they already replaced it. They don't spend any time with these dogs. They're not socialized."

On Monday, the dog owners did not answer the door, and calls to Animal Control were not returned.