The most recent cold snap will have local homeless shelters at or near their full capacity Monday night as people living on the street look for ways to keep warm.

Kiii News Reporter Bill Churchwell went Live from the Salvation Army shelter with more details on how they are gearing up to help more people Monday and Tuesday night.

The Salvation Army is encouraging those who typically sleep on the street not to chance it and to seek shelter from the cold. Monday will be one of the coldest nights in the Coastal Bend, with temperatures at dangerous lows for area homeless. They're doing what they can to make sure the homeless stay warm, but they need the public's help.

As of right now, all the shelter has is a rack of coats. They really need more items like jackets in big sizes to hand out to those in need.

"We definitely need the socks, scarves, beanies, long johns, sweatshirts, to put on and take off when needed to," said Valentin Garcia of the Salvation Army. "Those are the items really needed."

For those homeless who don't make it to a shelter, the Salvation Army is going to be taking their mobile canteen unit out in order to serve up hot meals and coffee, and hand out things like blankets.

If you want to drop off a donation, the Salvation Army is located at 501 Josephine Street.

Record cold across the nation from what's called an arctic vortex is having an impact all over, even here in the Coastal Bend.

The cold didn't stop people from being on the roads and doing business, however. Still, most people who 3News spoke with said they could do without the frigid weather.

"I hope it goes away," Amanda Sanchez said. "I want it to be nice and warm."

"I'm okay. Not too bad," Mariano Cruz said.

"Stay inside by the heaters. Stay warm, and drink some hot cocoa," Serena Brandenburgh.