An arrest was made Tuesday night in connection with the recent drowning of six-year old Taylor Syring near Bob Hall Pier this past Friday.

Police have arrested the boy's stepmother, 47-year old Laura Day, on charges of child endangerment.

It was shocking news for Taylor's mother, Kelly Syring.

"I was happy and I was sad. I was happy they arrested her, and sad that means they found evidence against her," Syring said. "I can understand accidents, but negligence and not watching my son, I can't understand."

According to police, Day took Taylor to the emergency room at Bay Area Hospital at around 6 p.m. She said she had watched the boy play in the water and let him take off his jacket while he played in shallow water. The boy disappeared, only to surface face down in the water.

Day was arrested Tuesday for child endangerment in connection with the incident. She is being charged with a second-degree felony.

"I want her prosecuted to the fullest extent," Syring said. "I want her to stay in jail for a very long time for taking my baby away."

The investigation is still ongoing, but the question remains on everyone's minds: Why didn't Day call 911?

If you would like to help with funeral expenses, an account has been set up for Taylor at First Convenience Bank. Just ask for the Taylor Syring account.