After the addition of overseas ballots and provisions, it was learned on Wednesday that the last at-large position for the CCISD school board will go to newcomer Jane Bell.

Both John Marez and Hector "Coach" Salinas were able to grab two of the at-large seats for the CCISD school board; but on election night, the third spot was separated by just one vote, between incumbent Tony Diaz and candidate Jane Bell.

The official canvas of votes will be conducted during a special board meeting on Thursday, but as it stands, the two candidates are now separated by 15 votes, with Jane Bell defeating Tony Diaz. She is now looking forward to serving on the school board and getting right to work.

"I just went yes, yes, I'm so excited. It's been a very nerve-racking week," Bell said. "So many of my friends kept calling, 'What's the deal?' It was nail biter for sure."

Bell received a call from the CCISD Superintendent Tuesday night with the news that she won. She will be one of three new at-large members to serve on the CCISD school board for the next four years.

Bell replaces incumbent Tony Diaz, who was ahead by one vote on election night, and is now 15 votes down.

Diaz said he is disappointed. He said only 88 out of the 391 mail-in ballots were counted, and the others were disqualified, and is currently wrestling with the idea of wether a recount will do any good.

"I'm disappointed, only because the education of our children is the most important thing for us to do," Diaz said. "With my 50 plus years of education, and four years on the board, I try to be the strongest advocate. Speak with the loudest voice."

Diaz said he wanted to thank his family, the board and friends who voted for him, and that he is not done serving the school district. He will continue his work as a mentor and volunteer in area schools.

As far as whether he will ask for a recount, he said he could decide by Thursday.