There was massive manhunt in San Patricio County Wednesday morning after two pickup trucks full of illegal immigrants bailed out by Lake Corpus Christi in Mathis.

Law officers searched for more than two hours and ultimately found about 30 of the immigrants.

San Patricio County Sheriff's deputies, U.S. Border Patrol agents and Department of Public Safety troopers searched the area near Lake City for the undocumented immigrants. In some cases getting bloodied in the process while looking in the brush.

"It's not just stopping a car and apprehending people," Highway Patrol Sgt. Danny Lorberau said. "A lot of times, we have to chase them down, and go places you don't want to to get to them."

While the search took authorities into some rough areas to look and move through, close by were homes.

This bailout didn't end up like a lot of them do, in the brush, in the middle of nowhere. This one happened in this quiet neighborhood, with immigrants on the run from the authorities. Local residents said they could see them in their own backyard.

Lake City Resident Judy Brown Horak was having her morning coffee on her back patio when she saw some of the immigrants walking.

"If it had been like maybe one or two people, I wouldn't have been suspicious, but I saw six of them, and that's when I called 911," Horak said. "They said we're looking for them."

"They just walked right here, and then on out, and I think they caught the bulk of them over there in that brush pile over there," Pat Horak said. "I've been here 33 years. We ain't never had no problem like that."

Ray Krebs said he found one of the immigrants in his house.

"He was hiding right there, in this corner back here," Krebs said.

Krebs said the young man was from El Salvador, and that he was about 16 or 17 years old. He was nervous and scared.

"Then he offered me $2,000 if I'd hide him," Krebs said. "And I tried to get over to him that, if I helped him, that do you see what I have here, this is my house. Now if I help you, then I lose my place, you know. If I get caught helping you, then I'm going to go to jail with you."

Krebs said he coached the young man out of his house, and then authorities took the man into custody, as they did with all of the 30 undocumented immigrants they were looking for.