AEP crews made a gruesome discovery Monday morning; human bones found just off the Joe Fulton Corridor. Now, investigators are asking for your help.

Specifically, they need your help in identifying the clothing the victim was wearing.

With only bones and clothing to go on, investigators are looking at every piece of evidence to try to identify the victim of this crime, and they are doing it by looking at subtle clues like the clothing.

Officials with the Nike shoe company used a barcode to help Nueces County Sheriff's investigators with one more clue to this baffling puzzle.

"This particular shoe was manufactured March 1 of 1999," said Sgt. James Pool of the Nueces County Sheriff's Office. "Kind of helps us eliminate any missing persons before 1999."

It was Monday afternoon when a crew from American Electric Power stumbled upon the human bones while surveying an area off of the Joe Fulton Corridor, near the ship channel. One of the workers spotted a tennis shoe. When they took a closer look, they found a partially buried human skeleton.

Since then, investigators have been able to gather more clues from the clothing that the victim was wearing. Now they are asking for your help.

"We don't want to give out false hope. We want to give hope, but not false hope. So if they have a loved one who is missing, who is between 30 and 35 and may have owned these items of clothing, this is what it would have originally looked like," Pool said.

The remains are believed to have been in that shallow grave for no less than a year, and are that of a man in his 30s.

Already, investigators have received many calls from people who have missing loved ones. They hope to get more information now that the articles of clothing are being made public.

As for the skeletal remains, they have been sent to University of North Texas, where a forensic anthropologist will hopefully shed some light as to who this person was.

If you believe you have information that might help investigators identify this victim, call the Sheriff's Office at 361-887-2222.