Event organizers shut down Beach Fest 2013 and attendees told to leave Cole Park Saturday afternoon. Frustrations sparked from many artists, who were set to perform, and local vendors.

Beth Guarneri, Promoter/Partner CEO with Beach Fest 2013, says to the crowd, "I am being told by authorities that this stage is closed now and its being shut down as of now."

"Beach Fest isn't canceled," said Beth. "This stage is shut down. We still have McGee Beach and they are not shutting that stage down."

Dozens of local vendors bought booths for the weekend but after this difficult decision, they had to leave earlier than expected. 3 News spoke with one vendor who is a cancer survivor raising money for an event later this year.

Chris Gutierrez, vender, says, "It's a tragedy that this happened."

But like this booth, many others were also frustrated. They were equally upset they had to shut down earlier than the original agreement.

Isabel Ruiz, vender, says, "I had to pay a couple hundred dollars to be a vendor. Everyone has to make up what they paid."

City officials say that all of the city permits were up to par. They also say the city is not responsible for the event's issues.

A city official that did not speak with 3 News on camera says, "This is not an event sponsored by the City of Corpus Christi."

Artists say their were issues going on all day long. And some were sad they could not perform.

"A lot of people invested a lot of money in their performances. They are not getting paid to do these shows."

Police say their were some contract issues with vendors as a result the big vendors were forced to pull out of the event. Without the vendors there is no event. No beer, meant no CCPD officers were needed on the scene.

"I fought for you guys all morning," said Beth.

The McGee Beach stage remained open. Performers were able to take stage and continue with Beach Fest.