Bee County commissioners have become embroiled in a personnel dispute, all centered around their choice for will run the county's Veterans Affairs Office.

Local veteran groups had recommended Abel Esquivel to be the veterans service officer. Six people were interviewed for the job, and on Monday morning, commissioners selected Tony Ferguson.

That's when veterans in the crowd spoke out.

"We as local veterans highly recommended Abel Esquievel Sr. to be our next VSO. It is our understanding our letter was completely ignored," an audience member said.

"I would like the matter to be looked into by some type of committee that would overlook the favoritism for political gain."

"I would like for the board, the commissioners, and you, judge, to re-canvas what has happened."

While one commissioner questioned the whole selection process, another commissioner defended the decision.

"My recommendation to the court was to appoint a committee to see what happened and why it happened," County Commissioner Eloy Rodriguez said. "Whether the court is going to do this or not, I'm not certain yet."

"He was the choice of two of the interview persons, and I stand by the decision," Commissioner Dennis Dewitt said.

At this point, there is no indication that commissioners will change the selection of Ferguson for the veterans service officer.