The man authorities believe is responsible for killing a Bishop High School librarian is still on the loose, and investigators believe he took off with several firearms.

One of those firearms is the equivalent of an AK-47 assault rifle. Authorities believe the firearms belonged to the suspect's brother.

The Sheriff's Office said all signs point to Tommy Caughman as the man responsible for the homicide. Caughman is suspected if killing his sister-in-law, Elizabeth Caughman. Elizabeth died of a gunshot wound and was found dead by her daughter Wednesday afternoon.

Tommy had been living with his sister-in-law and her husband, Jack Caughman, a former constable.

It was also a sad day at Bishop High School, where Elizabeth had worked as a librarian for 10 years.

"Once the kids came in for the first few hours, it was kind of difficult," Bishop High School Principal Ray Garza said. "We had, you know, some of the book club kids that were really struggling. They're still struggling, but they just feel a sense of comfort just being in the library, so we kind of let students come in and out throughout the day and tried to comfort them as much as possible."

"It's just an example to show how much the students loved her," said Sheri Hayes, instructional technology director at Bishop High School. "They made her this box and when we came in this morning, it's on her desk, and it just, it kind of shows how much she liked reading."

Hayes showed us a token of affection that students had made for Elizabeth before she died, showing just how much they cared for her.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Tommy Caughman, please call the Nueces County Sheriff's Office at 361-887-2219.