Early morning power outages due to the freezing weather affected the small town of Bishop, leaving the majority of the city in the dark, including their schools.

Parents and kids were told Thursday that they would have a late start Friday morning, but when they finally arrived, they showed up to classrooms without power or heat. School officials were forced to dismiss classes early.

"Unfortunately, AEP, the power went out and we've kept them there as long as we could, but now the classes are starting to cool off and we're getting the students back home because we don't have a guarantee on when the power will be back on, the light will be coming back on," said Bishop Consolidated Independent School District Superintendent Christina Gutierrez.

"I think when they got here this morning, they should have sent them back home because they didn't have power the minute they got dropped off," parent Claudia Buras said.

"We got there, it was off and we were going inside to watch a movie because we didn't have any work to do," middle school student Jacoby Mathis said. "Then it went back off, so we were waiting inside the hall."

The superintendent said that when the kids showed up Friday morning, the classrooms were warm from keeping the heaters on all night, but decided it would be best to release them even though some homes might not have had power either.

AEP Texas said a transmission line went down in the area and caused the major headache.