A Corpus Christi woman accused of murder is out of jail Friday, after her bond was dramatically reduced from $250,000 to just $20,000.

Chastity Longbine, 25, was arrested back in May after the death of Jesus Quintanilla, who was found dead inside an apartment on Hancock. He had been shot several times with two different guns.

Following Longbine's arrest, her father, Dennis Longbine, actually confessed to the murder on Kiii News during an interview with our Rudy Trevino. As a result of that confession, he was taken into custody.

Dennis Longbine's bond was also reduced this week to $20,000.

The victim's sister, Monica Morante, said her family is quite upset.

"My brother has us right now to speak up for him, and you can understand we are very upset. Very saddened by this," Morante said in a phone interview. "We feel that this is the amount the judge has placed on my brother. We are very upset over this, that she's out somewhere right now in Corpus Christi, enjoying her life."

Quintanilla's family said he served the country both in Afghanistan and in Iraq, and did not deserve to die the way he did.

A trial date has not been set, but the victim's family said they will be in the courtroom.