A 25-year old Corpus Christi woman facing a murder charge had her bond reinstated Monday after violating conditions of being intoxicated while driving.

Chastity Longbine appeared before Judge Jack Hunter after her attorney stated that Longbine was set to undergo a mental evaluation. She and her father, 56-year old Dennis Longbine, are both accused of fatally shooting 30-year old Jesus Quintanilla III back in May.

The judge agreed to reinstate the $20,000 bond as long as Longbine receives psychiatric care and abides by the bond conditions, including not getting behind the wheel.

It was also learned that someone claiming to be Chastity Longbine has been using her likeness on a local escort service website. Her attorney confirmed that her client is in no way involved with that site.

"My understanding is that she does not operate or, if someone is using her photo or somebody is using her likeness, that may be another situation," said Gaby Canales, Longbine's attorney. "But as far as my client is concerned -- and I did visit with her because you asked me to -- she said that that was not and she does not have an escort website, is what I was told."

In the meantime, the date for the Longbines' murder trial is set for Sept. 24.