You never know what you might find in your backyard. An 11-year old boy in Sandia, Texas, recently found that out while digging a grave for his dead dog this weekend.

While digging, Kenneth Young said he saw something glaring in the sunlight, and then he saw red. It turns out, it was a high school graduation ring from Sinton High School, class of 1973.

Inside the ring were engraved the initials G.V.M. There's no telling how long the ring has been in the yard in Sandia, but it was still in pretty good shape.

"I was like, 'Oh! Whoa! Look at this! It might be worth some money or something!' But I'm not looking for any money or anything," Young said. "I'm just trying to return it to it's rightful owner."

The fifth grader and his parents said they called Sinton High School and were told that the only possible match was for a Gracie Maldonado, but the Young family said they were told by the school that it wasn't aware of anyone living locally that the ring could be given to.

If you know who the ring belongs to, you can call the Young family at 361-249-5934 or 361-389-7348.