The Chaparral Street construction project has been going on since December of 2012, and has caused several downtown merchants to close their doors.

The construction is due for completion this fall, but for some, it's already too late.

"It's just been terrible, and we didn't expect to be closed this long," said Buz Maxwell, owner of a Chaparral Street building. "I've seen businesses, at least two businesses, go out of business on Williams Street, and we just sure hope they get this open real soon."

Underground, electrical and sidewalk construction continues along the stretch of Chaparral that was, at one time, the heart of the downtown business district.

"Most of the business people I know along the street down there have all shut down because you can't get to them," said Gary Bill, owner of Mesquite Street Grill.

The Urban Fare Café displayed a sign in their window that said they were on a lunch break until the end of construction, and hoped to reopen July 1.

While the City doesn't keep track of closures, at least a dozen businesses have closed their doors, including Bourbon Street, since construction began; but the owners of Bourbon Street hope to reopen once the construction is complete.

"What we're working towards right now is opening Chaparral and the cross streets to traffic in the month of September," City Engineer Dan Biles said. "In that time, we'll continue to work behind the curbs on the sidewalks and the landscaping and stuff like that, and that should be finished in the next 60 days or so after that."

Biles said the City will reopen one, if not both, lanes within the month. Meanwhile, business owners are trying to let people know their doors are open.