It was described as one of the Holy Grails of classic cars -- a rare 1967 Chevy L88 Corvette that was recently sold for $3.2 million in a Dallas auction.

The owner of that car just happened to be a Calallen resident.

Buddy Herin bought the classic car 15 years ago to add to his collection. He knew it would be worth a pretty penny someday, but his family was taken by surprise by just how much it sold for.

"It was up in Illinois. Knew it was a real valuable car," Herin said. "This was a long time ago. I spent six months trying to get the guy to sell it to me."

The owner finally agreed to sell, and that deal would eventually pay off for Herin. The 1967 Corvette was one of 12 cars that Herin and his wife, Nova, sold at the Dallas auction, bringing in a total of more than $5 million; but by far, the L88 Corvette was the star of the show.

Herin, who is 61 years old and owns a local business called Contractor Builders Supply, is currently battling terminal cancer. He said he made the decision to sell the muscle cars before he found about his condition, however, saying that he simply wanted others to be able to enjoy the dream cars.

It's a passion Herin has shared with his wife for several years.

"They said you'd never see 12 muscle cars in the shape they were in, because they were all restored," Herin said. "Brand new. Had one sold I had for 20 years."

"I will say in the past, I probably wasn't real supportive of Buddy spending all the money on these cars," Nova Herin said, "but he had it all figured out, because of it being low numbers, one of a kind, that is what was selling these cars."

The L88 Corvette sold for $3.2 million, making it the highest price ever pair for a Corvette in auction. That L88 Corvette was one of just 20 ever made in 1967.

Herin and his wife said they would drive the car in the neighborhood, but didn't dare get it out in traffic.