HOUSTON - On this day 48 years ago, American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first men to walk on the moon.

Armstrong's famous words, "The Eagle has landed," were heard around the world thanks to mission control.

On Thursday, Space Center Houston launched a Kickstarter campaign to help restore that historic room to its original glory.

The campaign is called, "The Webster Challenge: Restore Historic Mission Control."

The goal of the 30-day Kickstarter is $250,000. It's a small part of the $5 million needed to restore the room, which was used during the Gemini, Apollo and Shuttle eras.

The work, according to Space Center Houston, will restore flight control consoles and reactivate wall displays with projections to recreate Apollo-era use of the screens.

When completed, the room will display an accurate look of the iconic room based on the Apollo era.

"(Mission Control) was the glue that held any mission together, be it Mercury, Gemini or Apollo," said Jack Schmitt, the 12th man to go into space on Apollo 17.

Schmitt spoke to an audience Thursday at Space Center Houston on the 48th anniversary of Apollo 11.

He was the first scientist-astronaut to land on the moon and told KHOU 11 about the importance of the people working at mission control

"I realize that they were as much responsible for my well-being and my success as I was and so I spent a lot of time with them," he said.

$3.5 million alone of the $5 million needed is coming from the city of Webster, which is matching the Kickstarter donations dollar for dollar but only if they get to that $250,000 goal.

"We bring a lot of people through there and we're trying to build the momentum with the public and let them know this is a critical asset that now needs additional support," said Tracy Lamm, Chief Operating Officer for Space Center Houston.