The owners of Island Car Wash are asking for your help to find a driver who did thousands of dollars in damage to their facility over the weekend.

They said the driver did so much damage to their car wash, the costs are totaling over $100,000, and now they, along with police, are looking for that driver.

If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again. That's what must have been going through the man's head when his boat didn't quite fit through the carwash.

The incident happened on Sunday night at the Island Car Wash on 14443 SPID, and it was all caught by a surveillance camera.

The driver of a Mercedes sport utility vehicle clearly disregarded the clearance sign before entering the car wash. In fact, he hit it with his boat.

Then, as he pulled into the car wash itself, his boat snagged the machinery. After a couple of attempts to pull through, he got out of his vehicle to see what the problem was; but instead of changing his course of action, he returned to his vehicle and tried to pull the boat through over and over again. Finally, he gave up, backed out of the car wash, and drove away.

The owners said the damage is estimated at $175,000. As you can imagine, he is not pleased, and is asking the person responsible to come forward and pay for the damage.

"I don't think he knew, honestly," owner Mike True said. "I don't think he knew, to begin with. I think it was a mistake, but once he hit the gantry, he should have known he couldn't go through. I don't think it was an intentional operation. He got himself in a situation he couldn't get out of."

"We are out of business, for at least 30-45 days," owner Billy Farmer said. "It's our peak season. August is our biggest month. September is our third biggest month, but we're going to miss it because some idiot did this."

In the meantime, the car wash is closed for at least a month, and a police report has been filed.

If you recognize the driver, or the boat, call Crimestoppers at 361-888-8477.