One of the items approved by the Corpus Christi Independent School Board of Trustees Monday night was a security enhancement for all campuses called "Raptor."

One campus has been using the Raptor system for yeas, and they allowed Kiii News Reporter Brian Burns to see what visitors will see when they go to any CCISD campus.

When going to any of the 59 school campuses, you will need your driver's license or you won't be allowed past the office; and it's mainly because of a tragedy that occurred last year.

"After the incident at Sandy Hook, the district really looked to increase our security," said Susan Bateman, the principal of Calk Elementary.

Calk Elementary School has been using the new Raptor security system for several years, and when school starts in two weeks, all 59 CCISD campuses will be using the system.

When you enter a school office, you will be asked for your driver's license. That will be scanned into a computer.

"The wonderful thing about the Raptor system that's an advantage over the Ident-a-Kit, which is the system the district formerly used, is that this is tied into the national sex offender database, and if a person is a registered sex offender, it pops up on the screen, and also an alert is given to the principal, the assistant principal and to the secretary," Bateman said.

CCISD Police Chief Kirby Warnke said Sandy Hook was a wakeup call.

"There had never been an incident like that involving elementary students, and so we revisited every single thing we're doing," Warnke said. "This is one of the things we recommended, and the board accepted the recommendation."

The board also approved hiring five new police officers charged with concentrating on patrolling the district's 37 elementary campuses.

The Raptor system costs almost $100,000 to install and will cost only $500 per campus per year from here on out.

The system also recognizes any person who may have been kicked off another campus.

"If somebody has been banned from a CCISD campus, they may have been banned from another campus other than yours, but they're not allowed on any CCISD property," Bateman said.

There are 39,000 students in CCISD schools, and Chief Warnke says all of them are important.

"We're excited for the new school year and we're going to do everything we can to ensure that the students and staff at CCISD are safe," Warnke said.