The Corpus Christi Police Department is rolling out a new plan to reduce violent crime.

More than 2,000 violent crimes were reported last year. That includes homicide, aggravated assault, robbery and rape; but one of the challenges the department faces is a manpower shortage.

Since his first day, Police Chief Floyd Simpson has said violent crime in Corpus Christi needs to be reduced. So on Tuesday, Kiii News got a behind the scenes look at how the department will make that happen.

Crime analysts went back and looked at violent crimes reported during the last four months of 2012, where those crimes occurred, what time of the day and what type of weapon was used; 28-percent of violent crime cases involved guns. 25-percent involved knives. The majority of violent crime happens Thursday through Sunday, between 7 p.m. and 4 a.m.

Last year, we had 16 homicides in Corpus Christi. It has been said that homicides cannot be prevented, but Simpson said that yes, it is possible, and by putting patrol officers in hot spot areas during the peak hours, homicides will be prevented, and violent crime will drop.

CCPD Commander Escalante said the approach is already affecting violent crime in the city.

If you compare Corpus Christi's violent crime rate with other cities that have a population over 250,000, it ranks 38 out of 76. It is slightly above the national average, according to FBI online data.