The Corpus Christi City Council will take up the issue of abandoned tires Tuesday as it tries to come up with a tire storage and disposal ordinance.

Abandoned tires are not only an eyesore, but they are also a breeding ground for mosquitoes and rodents, as well as another danger to the public -- fire.

Last year, the City collected and disposed of 52,000 tires at a cost of some $78,000. Other statistics include the fact that city residents generate 312,000 used and scrap tires each year, and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality says that every individual produces one scrap tire a year.

Under the new ordinance, tire store owners would keep a tire ledgers for every used and scrap tire they have, which would allow police to track abandoned tires. Fines for offenses would range up to $2,000.

The head of the City's Solid Waste Department said they want input from the public and the owners of 120 tire stores in the city.

It would be the end of summer before a final ordinance is approved, and there would also be a year-long grace period for the ordinance to go into effect.

Tire store owners said that logging and marking every used or scrap tire would be a substantial increase in paperwork for every tire dealer.