Reports of a gas leak caused some concern for businesses near Kostoryz and McArdle Thursday.

The Corpus Christi Fire Department got the call just after 9:30 a.m. of a strong gas odor near the Boat 'n Net and laundromat in that area. One of those businesses called in the smell, and could even hear the hissing of gas leaking out.

City fire crews and members of the gas department were on scene for several hours trying to repair the leak.

"We haven't evacuated anyone. We have been able to keep traffic flow on Kostoryz going as it is because of the wind direction, the way natural gas disperses," said Battalion Chief Michael Schmidt of the CCFD, "and also it's a good space between the traffic and where we are working, so we're good at this point."

The public was not in any real danger. First responders were monitoring the air for safety. Once gas crews dug down to the line, they placed a clamp on the 3-4 inch pipe to stop the leak.