There are now said to be only two candidates left still in the running to be the next police chief in Alice. The City started off with some 56 candidates from around the country.

While the City of Alice has been booming in recent years, with increasing sales tax revenues thanks to the Eagle Ford Shale, it has also faced challenges that have threatened to derail that prosperity, like drugs in the community and gang violence.

"Once you start determining the types of crimes, you determine locations and times, and you start to pull in your assets there," said Randy Weems, police chief finalist. "You can deploy technology there, then you start working on the individuals that are causing you the most grief in the community."

"Developing a multi-agency gang task force, a MAG-TAF, bring in the FBI and the ATF, really get a handle on what's going on," said William Inselmann, police chief finalist. "My experience with DEA allows me to delve into these areas, to approach these individuals and set up these type of units that can actively go after the problem."

Both candidates have tremendous experience. Weems is a 26-year police professional who most recently served as chief deputy for the Navajo County, Az. Sheriff's Office. He said he believes strongly in using statistical analysis, and data driven and intelligence led policing.

Inselmann has 34 years of law enforcement experience, and has spent the majority of his career with the Drug Enforcement Administration. He said he believes in going after problems with a vengeance.

"As we near the end of this process, we're very pleased that it is not an issue of finding qualified candidates," Alice City Manager Ray De Los Santos, Jr., said. "It's an issue of finding the candidate that is going to be he best fit for the community at this particular moment in time, and for the challenges that we would like for them to help us overcome."

De Los Santos said they're moving through final interviews with the candidates this week, and the City will be making a final decision later this week or early next week. That selection is made by the city manager and then confirmed by City Council.