City officials are planning for mandatory water restrictions to be put in place within the next 10 days, as our water supply continues to dry up with no rain.

Experts thought we would already be under mandatory water restrictions, but some rain in our area delayed the inevitable.

As of Wednesday, our combined lake levels were at 40.6-percent of capacity. Last year, that number was at 55-percent.

Lake Corpus Christi Reservoir is shrinking fast. It is currently at 15.8-percent full. Choke Canyon is another one of our suppliers of water, and it is still about half full.

Still, it is the combined levels that trigger mandatory water restrictions.

"We're certainly going to go into stage two restrictions," City Water Director Gus Gonzales said. "We're working on a drought contingency plan and conservation plan."

The City says it has public service announcements ready to air on Channel 3 that will explain when you can water and ways to save on its use.

As for the mandatory restrictions effects on the Eagle Ford Shale industries, the oil companies say they are drilling for their own water, and aren't contracting with the City.

The new rules call on residents to not water during daytime hours.

We could be at the 40-percent mark a week to 10 days from Wednesday.