Bum Phillips was the coach of the Houston Oilers during the "Luv Ya Blue" days. Now, he lives on a ranch outside Goliad, and hopes to leave a lasting impression in South Texas.

Over the years, Bum and his wife, Debbie, have been hosting all kinds of charity events on their ranch. They felt they needed to help those who cannot help themselves. Now that Bum has turned 90 years old, the couple and their family are hoping that people will donate $90 so they can build a retreat specially designed for the deaf.

"90 is better than 89," Bum said. "I didn't live what I would say is a proper life, but I lived a good life."

Bum sat down with 3News at his Goliad ranch to talk business. The coaching legend is hoping to complete a dream he has had for years -- to build a church retreat for deaf children and their parents.

"We're not anywhere close, but we've got a start, and I always learned that if you didn't start, you couldn't finish," Bum said.

Even at his age, he can still come up with memorable quotes, but he's right -- if you want to build a million dollar retreat, you have got to start somewhere.

"We're in the process of fundraising now," said his daughter, Kim Ann England. "We have raised enough money to start raising money, and we're learning along the way how to do that."

England is the youngest of Bum's six children. She and the rest of the family are working hard to make the retreat center a reality.

"We're going to have a loop driveway to the front of the building, so that handicap people can get in and out," Debbie Phillips said.

Debbie has been married to Bum since 1990. She shares her husband's love for football and life on a ranch, and like the rest of the Phillips clan, Debbie is also committed to helping those most in need.

"Our area is in need of another host camp," Debbie said. "Our desire is that people wouldn't have to pay to use it."

Because of Bum's Houston connections, Texans owner Bob McNair and his wife have stepped up with a $100,000 matching challenge.

You can do your part by visiting BumPhillipsCharities.com/donate.