Hundreds of airmen got their hands dirty on Saturday to help feed the hungry by planting fruit trees at Mission San Juan National Historical Park.

They planted nearly 300 citrus trees to go to the San Antonio Food Bank.The activity also served a purpose for the troops.

"It helps them find their value as an airman and as a human being when they realize that they're always serving something bigger than themselves," Lieutenant Colonel Meghan Doherty said.

In all, 50 acres of land was given to the food bank by the San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department to develop over the next five years. Ten of those acres were used for the trees.

The food bank said that about 120,000 pounds of food will be harvested at the park. It will be able to provide about 17,000 meals throughout the community.

"It will be a good resource for families during the holiday months," said Louie Guzman with the Food Bank. "During the summer months when those families are needing the resources of the Food Bank to feed their children."