Investigators are still trying to track down the person who shot and killed 43-year old Walter Duhart Wednesday evening in the city's northside.

Duhart was shot multiple times by someone at around 7 p.m. at the corner of Martin Luther King Drive and Sam Rankin.

Police initially believed that Duhart was the victim of a drive-by shooting, but just before 5 p.m., detectives said they received information that the shooter was not in a vehicle at the time of the shooting. Instead, he was out in the street and fired off at least a half-dozen rounds.

The suspect then got into a four-door Chevy and fled the scene. That vehicle was described as grey or silver in color.

Those who live near the scene of the murder said it was scary to hear the gunshots, and to see the victim lying on the sidewalk.

"I heard the shooting, but just like I said, I can't say who pulled the trigger because I was in bed and I heard the shooting, and I jumped up and ran," 75-year old Annie Mae Bray said. "Went in my living room."

Bray has lived at a nearby apartment complex for 20 years. Her apartment is just a few yards from the crime scene. While 3News was there to speak with her, we discovered a bullet hole in the wall to prove it.

We called police and they came to try and dig the bullet out, but apparently could not locate it.

If you have any information about this shooting, please call Crime Stoppers at 361-888-8477.