City Manager Ron Olson confirmed Tuesday that the City of Corpus Christi has a mutual separation agreement with recently hired City Attorney Roxann Cotroneo.

Cotroneo was confirmed as city attorney to replace retired City Attorney Carlos Valdez. However, after an anonymous email surfaced making accusation that she made statements that were racially insensitive, sexist and in violation of City rules and procedures, Cotroneo retracted her acceptance for the position.

Olson said the City agreed to a separation settlement of $20,000 in exchange for a release of liability.

"Not only that, it's fair. I mean think about it. We had a person come down here who was getting ready to accept a job, and you look at the outcome of the investigation. She didn't break any laws. She didn't break any policies," Olson said. "Maybe she didn't use the most wisdom in the world, but she didn't violate anything; and to me that's ripe for a claim."

Olson said the city deals with employees who have lost their jobs on a daily basis, and this separation agreement is not unusual for the circumstances.