Council members discussed a major design change for the ongoing Shoreline Realignment project at Tuesday's City Council meeting.

The new plans would allow the City to build the north and southbound lanes without the need for back-in parking, which was part of the original plan. Kiii News Reporter Brian Burns went Live from Shoreline Boulevard with more details.

Because of the defeat of Destination Bayfront, the City will no longer need extra parking to make up for the demolition of two parking lots that already exist.

The design change was necessary because of the current location of specialized equipment belonging to AEP. If approved by Council, the change means there will only be an 11-foot wide median and no extra space for back-in parking.

Council members agreed to endorse the less-costly design.

"I think we should take the parking out," Councilman David Loeb said. "I think the parking had a purpose of replacing some lost parking that is not an issue anymore, and I think it caused more issues than it solves."

Council members also discussed questions of traffic flow into and out of the downtown area, and how it will be affected by the narrowing of Shoreline Boulevard from six lanes to four. City staff believes that once the new Harbor Bridge is constructed, it will shift the major downtown area access from where it is now to the area near Crosstown and Morgan.