CCPD's Narcotics Vice Investigations Division and SWAT served a warrant and completed a drug raid at 110 Josephine on Wednesday morning.

This raid was part of an on-going focus on the quality of life issues and the result of a lengthy investigation due to the neighborhood complaints.

Officers recovered a small amount of crack cocaine, powdered cocaine, one ounce of a synthetic cannabinoid and small quantity of marijuana.

Police also seized a new, Remington 870 shotgun that they suspect to be stolen, they are waiting to hear back from the registered owner.

Officers also confiscated $1867.00 in cash that they believe are the proceeds of illegal drug sales, a quantity of paraphernalia used for the making of crack cocaine, drug scales, multiple cell phones and a surveillance system that was being used by the suspect.

Police arrested 27-year-old Ruben Vallejo and charged him with first-degree felony manufacture/delivery of controlled substance in penalty group 2/2a and second-degree felony manufacture/delivery of controlled substance in penalty group 1, felon in possession of a firearm, possession of marijuana and other charges related to the recovered firearm are pending further investigation at this time.

Officers said this successful operation is another example of a collaboration between the department's uniform division and narcotics vice investigations division to attack neighborhood drug dealers who degrade the community's quality of life.

Under the program, officers from the uniform division are temporarily assigned to the narcotics vice investigations division where they learn advanced narcotics investigations techniques such as conducting surveillance, managing informants, drafting search warrants, raid planning and search warrant execution.

Patrol officers bring a problem drug house from their assigned beat with them to the narcotics vice investigations division where they are then paired with an investigator to solve the problem.

Patrol Officers return to their division with advanced training, skills and knowledge. The narcotics vice investigations division also benefits from the additional resources and street level intelligence.

Police say the big winner is the residents and business owners of the neighborhood, tonight, they are freed from the blight of neighborhood drug dealers.