A 23-year-old male was arrested early Sunday morning after police said he purposely left the stove burners on at an apartment in the 3600 block of Crestbrook, and may have intentionally flooded the bathroom too.

It was just before 7 a.m. when officers were dispatched to a fire. They were told that a suspect in a grey shirt had turned the stove burners on and that the odor of gas could be detected. Officers located the suspect and detained him as they continued their investigation.

According to police, 23-year-old Kevron Ellis was having an argument with his girlfriend and while alone at the apartment, was gathering his possessions and panning to leave.

The person living below had contacted officers and said his ceiling had become soaked in a liquid. Inside the apartement, officers found a rug rolled up in the toilet. The tenant below told them he had heard the toilet being flushed numerous times, and that Ellis was the only person he had seen or heard in the apartment, and the only one he saw leaving as well.

Ellis was arrested for criminal mischief and taken to the City Detention Center.