A Nueces County correctional officer was arrested for aggravated assault Monday after she was accused of striking an inmate while transferring her between cells. An affidavit obtained by 3News details the incident.

According to the affidavit, it was Aug. 2 when Correctional Officer Katherina Gail Morin asked a fellow officer to assist her while transferring the inmate to another cell. When they arrived at their destination, the officer said Morin entered the cell with the inmate and proceeded to grab her by the shirt and slam her against the wall. Morin then threw the inmate onto the bunk and struck her twice in her ribs.

When Morin was questioned why she did not ask supervisors before tranferring the inmate, Morin said she didn't know she was supposed to. She also denied striking the inmate.

However, the affidavit states that Lt. Humberto Hinojosa, who was investigating the incident, also spoke with the inmate, who told them "she knew she needed to be quiet and keep her mouth shut." She reported her ribs hurting, but would not tell them what happened. Hinojosa had her checked out and it was observed that she had bruising on her ribs and possible fractures.

After being checked out, the inmate said that she was assaulted by Officer Morin on Aug. 2. The officer that Morin had asked for assistance that day also filed a report documenting what she saw happen, and medical staff confirmed the inmate's injuries.

The affidavit states that investigators reviewed video from cameras in that area and saw Morin enter the cell with the inmate and assault her, slamming her against the wall, forcing her into the bunk and striking her right closed fist. The affidavit states the inmate showed no resistance.