Due to a 60-percent increase in car and home burglaries in the area last month, Corpus Christi police officers are conducting targeted patrol at night near Everhart and Holly, stopping people wearing backpacks who are walking around or riding bikes.

Residents around the area said they know several people who have had items stolen from them. Officers are now on the targeted patrol in hopes of finding those responsible for the uptick in crime.

The Everhart and Holly block is one of the busiest in town, but it is not just the road full of cars. The apartment complexes on both sides of the street have parking lots full of cars, too, and now they have become the source of targeted crime.

"A family member of mine got her windshield smashed in for some odd reason," said Oscar Alvarado, who lives at the Everhart Place Apartments. "I don't know why. She was just visiting from New Mexico."

Alvarado said he has seen an increase in suspicious activity, and police can back that up. In September, they saw a 60-percent increase in reported car and home burglaries of apartment complexes on that block.

Police said thieves are mainly targeting unlocked cars and stealing electronics and other valuables, or worse, weapons.

Because of the spike in reports, the CCPD has set up a new initiative in the area with more officers stopping and targeting people walking or biking there in the overnight hours. They said they are finding that that is how many of the offenders in the reported crimes are getting away.

The increased law enforcement presence is not going unnoticed.

Police said they will continue the targeted patrol until they catch the repeat thieves.

Officers said their initiative is already working, and that numbers have gone down since September. Still, police said it is absolutely necessary to lock your car doors and take your valuables inside.