It is officially the holidays and unfortunately, that means some Grinches are out to ruin your Christmas spirit.

Kiii Multimedia Journalist Preston West spoke to one homeowner who caught a thief on camera stealing his Star Shower light display right out of his front yard.

"I noticed the other day that they were missing," Ryan Buhidar said. "So I asked my girlfriend if she did anything with them, and she said no. They had to have been stolen."

He was able to capture surveilance video at 4 a.m. The thief was able to unplug and make off with one of the colorful laser light displays worth about $50. Buhidar is hoping someone recognizes the woman that stole his lights and gets that information to authorities.

Police said they have seen a major increase in thieves wanting to put a damper on the holidays. They ask that people remain vigilant.